Jean-claude Kona 03.04.09 | 15:04
I can't wait to see this movie. thanks to the team for showing to the world what is happening in to our country.
pierrot nienge 03.04.09 | 09:57
I've seen the trailer, and realy can't wait to see the all film.
So is there no possibilities to arange with the "Alliance Francaise du Cape" in Cape Town for us to also have a chance to see the movie promptly?
Kapinga 03.04.09 | 06:30
How can i see this film if I am in Canada?
Elisabeth 03.04.09 | 03:23
Same question here: is there a projection planned in the New York by any chance? Or should we wait for the DVD in October? Thanks!
Kalaba C. 02.04.09 | 18:55
Is there a way to get a copy from the UNited States?
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