nathan 11.04.09 | 06:06
Any theory of suffering that does not tell the whole truth, and seeks to paint the world in blacks and whites, with simple explanations is not only incomplete, it is a disservice to those who suffer. People in Africa suffering under the burden of economic, cultural and military oppression, meted out for centuries by my country (US) have every reason to be upset. But they also must rise above the sort of simplified nationalism that seeks to blame ALL problems on an external scapegoat. This is the kind of thinking that breeds violent, destructive and ignorant nationalist movements. Look at post-Versailles Germany... Thoughts?
Nathan 11.04.09 | 06:03
PLEASE tell me how I can get a copy of this film in English in the US. This is a story that is dying to be broken here in the states, and there are grassroots organizations such as mine looking for a film such as this, that would help to tell the story of Congolese economic exploitation by our country and the rest of the world. Secondly, regarding the comment about "Europeans" being the only cause of suffering in Africa, as a previous commenter suggested... This is an over simplified, insufficient and harmful analysis of the situation.
jay love 07.04.09 | 12:17
my GOD i kwno evrythine,the black land
nous vivons dans la souffrance,mais notres terre est riche. les europeen comme les chinois,americain sont tous de malheureux.envant la fin du monde le kamits dirigerons le monde,car la races blach n'est serra plus puissant.
envant la fin du monde la puissance,pouvoire,domination,serra rendu au peuple kamits cad noire,
Philippe Pierquin 06.04.09 | 17:55
Courte revue de presse belge à lire sur le site de Wallimage: =383&show=
Dow Jones 04.04.09 | 09:46
Apres la belgique et la france, aurons nous la chance de visionner le film au canada et aux USA ?
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