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paul shungu 08.12.09 | 13:04
once againe congo is see on is bad side ,what about all those who take profit ,miltinationnales , what about kagame rwanda dictator who can say that he kill his former president habiarina and who can send military troupes to kill hutus in rwanda and congolese people , no one say same thing because paul kagame is hepling colta business to make your nice mobile phone , your best compteur, then you make movies like hotel rwanda which don't talk about kagame who start this war and use the word "genocide" to set up his busness, one day you will pay the blood of your nasty busness.
larsan 31.07.09 | 11:38
Thank you very much for this movie, it shows how this country is blessed although the inhabitants don't profit from this until now. I am sure only almighty can help us to get out of the neocolonialism which is killing our brothers and sisters. So let's be united, men brought together by the same idea, freedom is coming. Thanks again for the movie
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